These short videos are geared to explain and inspire. The Introduction to Ando video is an overview of how the components work together. Then there is a teaser and a series of 1 box, 2 box and 3 box tutorials to inspire how you might want to pack, transport and present.



Introduction to Ando

This is a 5 minute over view of the entire project including packing tips and dolly carts. 

Ando Design Box: Teaser

45 second teaser just showing our modular system and how it works with interior finishes throughout the design process. 

Ando Box Tutorial Video 1

This is a quick tutorial on how to assemble, transport and present a light design palette and how to use the Stay-Kit to hold samples in place. 

Ando Box Tutorial Video 2

Tutorial 2 summarizes box 1 video and how to use the Stay-Kit to hold things in place. More importantly focuses on ideas of how to layout, transport and present a two palette presentation. 

Ando Box Tutorial Video 3

Tutorial 3 presentation summarizes the 1 box and 2 box videos, but this focuses on packing ideas for a 44lbs palette with two 12" x 24" porcelain.