A stylish way to assemble, transport, present and store interior finishes. 

Interior design professionals require unique tools to help them navigate award-winning projects. We understand how Designers work with materials and finishes throughout the design process. Our mission is to make your life a little easier, and maybe even a little more appreciated. 


"Thank you for a succesful presentation! It was easy and neat, and I have been too busy to put it all away, so it’ll remain in the box for now."

— Janice, Edson Design


"The packing quilts have been amazing for protecting individual samples from breaking or damaging the large presentations boards."

— Stephanie, Pickett Design


"OMG! What a big success, it was so easy! EVERYONE was beyond impressed, I love the product!"

— Alex, Zauner Manhattan Design


We want to order some more boxes!
They’re catching on! 

— Patsy, HED