WHo is rwd?

Vanessa Kelley (interior designer), Benjamin Kelley (product designer) and team fill a gap in the A+D marketplace. 

Since 2003, I worked as an Interior Designer supporting landlords and end-users in the corporate interiors. In the design process, I was involved from space planning to construction document preparation helping bring a client’s vision to life. In 2013, I started RedWagon to support architects and interior designers with rendering, drafting, animation and virtual reality.

In the early days of RedWagon, I continued to work in interior design, pulling material finishes together for healthcare and educational project presentations. As I transported the materials from the studio to the car, Ben saw an “aha” moment.

From that moment, we began with a desire to ease the difficulties of assembling, transporting, and presenting client presentations in a professional manner.  This sparked the beginning development and perfection of a simple, versatile, and stylish solution that provides designers and architects the basic tools they need to work smarter and communicate more effectively.  And finally the Ando Design Box was born, bringing in another RedWagon tool to help you promote your design to your clients.

We want to give thanks and credit to all of our amazing and talented friends and partners. Thank you for the opportunity to connect, inspire and contribute.  Our journey has just begun. We look forward to helping you with your next project.



Our company Core Values are our fundamental beliefs on how we, our RedWagon team, and our clients function together to achieve the best results.

01_Team Player.png

Team Player

Help first/ Open and Honest/ Transparent/ Ask Questions to confirm

Humbly Confident

No arrogance/ No entitlement/ Facts over charisma

Do What You Say

Be realistic/ Be reliable/ Be on time

Do What is Right

For the organization/ For the client/ For the staff

Continually Growing

Open To Improving/ Open to learning something new/ Open to new ideas


Thank you! You guys are so fast. I can’t wait to more and more projects with you.
I have been bragging to others how my rendering team is the best. I will definitely refer you and your wonderful team to others when opportunity arises.
— DM
Wow!! Really pretty!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!! This will make it easy to sell to the client.
— LS
You are amazing light speed! Thank you!!!!
— PN
We had our all staff meeting this morning and our boss presented a rendering you guys did for an outdoor area and complimented the work in front of all of us! He encouraged all of us to use Red Wagon!
— CS
Thank you so much for all the hard work, You guys did a great job pulling through, especially MV’s leadership!
We would’ve not made it without the team effort, leadership, and all the hard work – positivity!
— MC
Thanks team! These look great. Appreciate you meeting our deadline with a great product!
— HW
Thanks again for the beautiful work ;)
— KL
Thank you so much for your services and all you do to make us look good and happy.
You are a huge help and Ben is the best!
— SK
Our top associate called me to tell me how breath-taking the photos turned out. Thought you should know. :)
— SZ
You all were fantastic! Very efficient and concise. The Dropbox comment area was great and I appreciate you always confirming the emails and comments, as well!! I would totally recommend Red Wagon to anyone needed rendering services!!!
— MS
Thank you and your team for all of your great work. Looking forward to the next projects!
— AP
You all are amazing! You all are making us look good!!!
— DB
We received and wanted to tell you that this really looks amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work.
— JP
You remembered to add the specific bracing detail for this building, good job!
— JD
Thank you and your team for the back and forth. Appreciate your efforts in getting us to the finish line for the past two projects.
— CD
You were very responsive in a timely manner. It was all good :)
— SB
Great result and thank you for all the work on this!
— MS
The animation is awesome! Great story telling here. Love the improvements. Way to go superstar!
— NE
Thank you all for your hard work! These looks great for my presentation today.
— AW
The presentation went really well. Thank you for all yours and your team’s help and working with us on some of the last minute requests
— MM
It’s great to work with you all. You provide a great service and we appreciate it.
— MR