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Product Designer, Benjamin Kelley, and Interior Designer, Vanessa Kelley, team up to fill a gap in the A+D marketplace. 


Culminated out of our garage, we began with a desire to ease the difficulties with assembly, transporting and presenting client presentations in a professional manner.  This sparked the beginning developments of a simple, versatile and stylish solution that provides designers and architects the basic tools they need to work smarter and communicate more effectively.  

Prototype, market test, refine and repeat. This cycle happened hundreds of times with hundreds of very talented designers. But, finally the Ando Design Box was born.

We do want to give thanks and credit to all of our amazing and talented friends and partners. Thank you for the opportunity to connect, inspire and contribute. 

Our journey has just began. So, please keep in touch and let us know where we can improve and contribute. 



Vanessa Kelley grew up in Cagayan De Oro Philippines. She studied architecture at the University of San Carlos.  Vanessa has practiced commercial interior design in Los Angeles for over 15 years.  She is the project lead for  Her office of eight delivers visualizations, animations, drafting and design support for design projects. She is a great communicator and a wonderful team player.  

Benjamin Kelley  grew up in Dayton Ohio and studied Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati. His diverse path of product design, flooring sales and bronze figurative sculpture ignites his strengths. He is passionate about connecting and contributing.  

Kevin Brake grew up in Orange County, California. He graduated from The Art Institute of Orange County and UCLA with a focus in Interactive Media Design and Sociology. His deep digital roots come from helping drive the marketing and advertising for over the last six years. 

Alina Hernandez, from Sacramento, California. Alina is our social media consultant and brand contributor. 

Nakiah Edmondson grew up in San Diego, California. He graduated from Business Administration at San Diego State. Then gradated from the Art Institute in Interior Design. He is now principal of DTLS Design. His eye for all things beautiful has helped us look great. 

Michelle Erickson grew up in Rochester, New York and graduated Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Michelle's experience as a product manager for several software companies allows her to contribute brand story and navigate product pitfalls. 

Andrew Stachler grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati. Andrew spent 17 years with Warner Bros. doing digital marketing. Now on his own as a digital marketing consultant from Max Stax Media. He has an ability to sift through large projects and identify key elements that tell our story better than we could.